How to select the perfect marketing match for you

Life is all about making choices – if we are lucky – and we make many each day even if we don’t realise it! It got me thinking that some are quick and subconscious. I am not sure why I picked coffee and not tea at ten today. Why did I buy the blue dungarees […]

If you are on show again, let people know!

No harm in showing off when you are at the top of your game is there? In the nicest possible way of course! Just look at all the Olympians – fantastic stuff! Now that face-to-face events are open again, companies are looking at ways to go for gold in front of customers and contacts.  I […]

Digital v print content? Is it actually a thing?

We do all know that online everything became huge during lockdown – yes, it was huge beforehand but we still popped out for coffee, bounced up and down on mattresses if we needed one, tried on a pair of shoes if we wanted some. For some reason, the thought of buying mattresses and shoes online […]

Open all hours?

As someone who absorbs sponge-like everything house and building, and writes about it, I have noted the “open plan”, zoning, and “knocking all walls down” trends over the last twenty years. There is no doubt, the idea of a huge kitchen with a stool-surrounded island and bi-folding sliding doors to the garden is a beautiful […]

High Street into homes?

Today’s morning news, aside from the seemingly eternal subjects, centres around the Government’s imminent announcement via Rt. Hon. Robert Jenrick. Specifically, “Housing secretary allows conversion of wide range of premises to homes without planning permission. The Government will today lay down new planning rules allowing the conversion of a vast array of high street premises […]

Your story, your message, your testimonial – build on it!

your story, your message, your testimonial – build on it!

As experienced hands in communications for building and construction clients, we are loving the new world where there is a plethora of channels to use.  And, while the industry may not have been completely up to speed digitally at the beginning of 2020 (Ok – good but not yet at the top of the class […]