Good will conquer

Now at last the world seems to be moving forward again; yet I am noticing two distinct camps in both business and home life. There is the cautious, rule-follower but no one seems to really know the rules now! And there is the “saddle up, get-on-with-it and gallop” brigade. Both, as in all “debates”, have […]

You never stop learning

I keep reading about what people have “learnt” (or “learned!”; there’s an example already! If you don’t know – look it up! One lesson!) during enforced time at home. That is, if they are lucky enough to be safe at home and not on the front line. Or not! Another example of what I have […]

Who do you believe in a crisis?

News – who do you believe in a crisis? THE Coronavirus is dominating the media at the moment and we all seem to talk about it in meetings, pubs, homes (if we are staying in!) – anywhere!  We no longer use the dreadful weather as the introductory safe topic. None of us is sure how […]

Getting the gig

I get the gig – as in I get the gig on the gig economy. First “invented” in the US a few years ago, it now accounts for more than five million workers in the UK. A gig is a temporary job of course; not a blast of Billie in Brixton. The employee often works on a specific […]

To travel or not to travel – that is the question!

Wandering to the train station today – a lovely 30 minute jaunt with nature which sets me up for the day – I was thinking that maybe I should try the route in silence! You see I always listen to LBC to get the gen in case someone asks me something “topical” in a meeting […]