How to select the perfect marketing match for you

Picture of Alison Relf

Alison Relf

Managing Director, Taylor Alden

Life is all about making choices – if we are lucky – and we make many each day even if we don’t realise it!

It got me thinking that some are quick and subconscious. I am not sure why I picked coffee and not tea at ten today. Why did I buy the blue dungarees (just love that look!!) and not the black ones?

But some take ages and deserve a good deal of research and pondering. Kitchen style? Wall paint? New second-hand car? Electric? New partner!

Here at Taylor Alden, we are talking to clients and new people about next year’s marketing plans and I keep being asked – what is a marketing agency and how do I select the right partner for me? Given that we hope to have long and lasting relationships with clients and suppliers – and employees! – alike, we have to be sure we have given our all in the decision-making process.

When you look for help outside your own resource, try to develop a brief. It doesn’t have to be long and convoluted; but it must give the agency some idea of where you are and where you want to go. Then you can decide what sort of agency you want as there are many “specialists” and “experts” around but no agency can be an expert in everything!  Do you want print and digital media coverage, celebrity endorsements, SEO, social media help, a new website, blogs – you get the idea!

Who are your customers? What budget do you have available? What are your goals? How much internal resource do you have to manage the agency? Are the tools ready now – website and social media channels, for example. A good agency will make sure the groundwork is done before launching your voice out there.

Have a look at agencies which specialise in your industry and those which people say good things about! Perhaps talk to journalists or other clients of the agency. Have a chat on the phone and then meet the agency staff who you will actually be working with – not just a “new business director” who you may love but never cross paths with again.  And dig deep when talking about contracts, measurement and money. 

It could be a love match made in heaven – or…………? Ouch!

If you need help to decide what you need, please do get in touch!