The wonderful world of websites – just make them easy to navigate!

Picture of Alison Relf

Alison Relf

Managing Director, Taylor Alden

Where would we be without our websites? They are fantastic, joyous inventions as are the search engines which help us find the information we want NOW!  I do, however, have fond memories of searching for the right alphabetical encyclopaedia in my A level library bubble to find out what chlorophyl actually did or what relationship was he to her in that darned long English Literature novel! York notes anyone?

There are no rules with websites – though I guess you could search for them! 

When we start work with a client or, indeed, throughout a programme, we always look at their website and do a “health check” Is that a buzzword? You know what I mean! What is the point in promoting anything if the potential visitor or customer can’t find you – or cannot get the information they want quickly?

Of course, the look, feel, tone and content will differ depending on what the “owner” is trying to communicate and what the objectives are. A fashion retail website will be completely different to a medical research one, for example. An e-commerce site will operate differently to a life coaching one.

Taylor Alden produces content and tells stories – which, of course, will be shown in glorious technicolour and be easy to find! They will be on the video, “news” or “projects” pages – call them these names so everyone understands – and have named tabs. Why call them something clever? We also ensure that the social media toggles and photo gallery are there to see – and the channels populated.  That’s our bit!

We do look further though so that the client maximises all opportunities and caters for everyone who may be relevant.

A few nuggets we look at now after years of experience –

  • Clear, simple home page which welcomes all visitors.  If you have distinct market sectors – Consumer? Architect? Builder? – you may want to guide that visitor to relevant pages designed for them.
  • Contact details (location, email, telephone, names!!) Frustrating and off-putting when you can’t find these bits – utility companies???
  • History/who are you? – do I trust you?  Friendly face images!
  • What are you selling? – add photos and short text with a link to more detailed information in case people want to find out more.
  • Downloadable information – in case someone wants to study more.
  • Technical downloads.
  • Testimonials – who says wonderful things about you?  Tell us!
  • Social media channels – not all may be right for you. And study how to populate them and what they are there to do.
  • SEO – ask for help here through a specialist agency. How can you optimise your chances to be found?

I could go on but everyone is different and that’s the thing! Your website is your face to the world – and we all have different visages!