Produced a brilliant article, image and video for a journalist? Here we tell you what more you can do

Picture of Alison Relf

Alison Relf

Managing Director, Taylor Alden

We just love writing exclusive articles for our favourite journals – online and printed pretty design ones for your “coffee table” – and favourite journalists. We know the different names so well now due to our loyal clients and long associations and friendships.

We may be writing an exclusive comment piece on colour in the bathroom, a media release on technology in the kitchen, an article on water saving, a video on sustainable building – but what to do with it once it has been published?

It may take your customers/readers/viewers five minutes to devour your work – but that gorgeous nugget will probably have taken a good few hours/weeks to produce. A building case study, for example, takes a while as we always make sure that the people we mention have a chance to amend and approve the text and images we produce.

So it makes sense to us to “recycle” the content (text, video, images); making sure you change the tone, length and key content, if necessary.

You will, we hope, have social channels, a website, and blog page, for example. Why not edit the original text in three different ways where relevant?  I am not saying that every media article can be used on every channel but we make sure we look at the possibilities.

Sustainable eh?