Personal brand: What is it and why do I need to build one? Guest blog.

If you’ve been on LinkedIn over the past 12 months, you’ve probably seen the phrase ‘personal brand’ pop up a few times. Used to describe the amazing potential that can come from consistent and relevant posting over LinkedIn, a personal brand is a key part of business relationship building that many job seekers overlook. Gary, […]

StructureCare appoints Taylor Alden to manage UK communications activity

Structure Care

 We are excited to announce that StructureCare has appointed Taylor Alden to manage media relations and content creation for the UK market.   Now under the impressive CPG (Construction Products Group) Europe banner, and with an experienced, proven team at the helm, StructureCare has welcomed 2021 with a brand new website full of information, which […]

Sharing client success

sharing client success

  New Year, positive messages! That’s what we decided to do for our fabulous clients. One example is Keller Kitchens whose National Sales Manager wanted to spread positivity and hope in the light of the new, strict lockdown for kitchen and bathroom retailers. Two specific pieces of media coverage, published in one day, really stood […]

Rounding off 2020

2020…what can we say, a year that no one expected! From lockdowns, circuit breaks, local restrictions, furlough, social distancing and substantial meals to banana bread, Tiger King, TikTok and Zoom quizzes – it really was one for the books. Who would have thought that by December 2020 not wearing a face mask would make you […]

Carbon negativity for Norbord – what a great story!

carbon negativity for norbord – what a great story!

The new buzz phrase in our construction world – and beyond – is CARBON NEGATIVITY. You only have to start looking around search engines, construction associations and the media to see that, in 2019, “the UK became the first major economy in the world to pass laws to end its contribution to global warming by 2050. […]

New year new marketing!

new year new marketing!

December is here and we are nearly at the end of a tumultuous year for everyone. We are hearing Christmas songs on the radio, shopping local we hope, and tying everything up ready to say hello to a better 2021. New year new marketing anyone? If you haven’t finalised your marketing plans yet, don’t worry […]

Flexibility – the new buzzword!

– Written by Alison Relf There was a moment when I realised I kept hearing the words flexible and flexibility! On zoom calls, with friends, on the TV with the next MP’s speech! We must all be more flexible; ergo understanding. The world may have gone mad but we must remain flexible to cope! I […]

Changing the creative process

– Written by Ella Pitt It is easy to think of creativity as spontaneous and unpredictable and, very often, that does seem to be the case with our best ideas coming to us with no forewarning. Moments of sudden initiative can be enjoyed precisely because of their air of unpredictability; similar to the friends you […]

Why you should be using your blog to keep leads warm

– Guest blog by Emma Cownley ( Jot Jot Boom) The relationship you have with your customers is important. Over half of consumers (64%) say they want brands to connect with them in a more meaningful way, but firing emails and print marketing off into the ether can quickly lead to decision overload and marketing […]

Keep talking and stay connected to your customers

-Guest blog by Suzanne Malhotra ( A virtual event might be entirely different from a physical exhibition, but we can still create a space that is a two-way engagement. Whilst we wait for the world of face to face to come back to life, keep talking with your customers with 4DConnects. As someone wisely advised […]