High Street into homes?

Picture of Alison Relf

Alison Relf

Managing Director, Taylor Alden

Today’s morning news, aside from the seemingly eternal subjects, centres around the Government’s imminent announcement via Rt. Hon. Robert Jenrick. Specifically, “Housing secretary allows conversion of wide range of premises to homes without planning permission. The Government will today lay down new planning rules allowing the conversion of a vast array of high street premises into housing without planning permission.”

And here’s more, thanks to Building magazine – Jenrick confirms huge expansion of high street and hospital PD rights | News | Building.

Digesting the day’s stories, and listening to the various phone-in views, is a staple part of my dog walking start to the day. And, as I have said before, I go into the day with one thought and opinion and, the more I hear other views, the more unsure of my own I become!  

For sure, we want to revitalise our high streets, we want to repurpose and recycle buildings, we want life back in the streets, we want enough homes for everyone, we want to shop online? The latter is the point. 

If we repurpose too quickly, and fill the high street with dwellings, what is the future of coffee chats, independent retail, local community hubs, shopping local?

It’s a conundrum I am pondering.

What do you think?