In these days of multiple marketing disciplines, it’s good to have friends!

Picture of Alison Relf

Alison Relf

Managing Director, Taylor Alden

I have always pondered how and whether a company – or human for that matter – can be proficient in everything! I twitch just a bit when I see a long list of specialities. I am talking marketing agencies here but the idea is universal.

A boutique bakery near me makes wonderful doughy stuff and the perfect hot beverages – and sell cards, paintings, candles, gin and wine! We all know these “extras” are provided by fantastic speciality partners who are all local and brilliant at what they do! You won’t find a garage that does everything well (even though they may say so)! You go to the tyre specialist, the body shop, the MOT boys and girls – you get the idea.

So, within our new beautiful website (, we have concentrated on detailing our strengths and expertise. After decades in the business, we, and our clients, know what we are good at and that’s what we do all day every day. There is a veritable feast; a realistic veritable feast that is easy to understand when you visit our hub!

Yet, sometimes, you need a friend when a client comes up with a request that is out of your zone; and, as a valued partner, you don’t want to say no, sorry, can’t help with that one! We have always worked with partners in design, exhibitions, SEO and other marketing specialities; and two calls in the last week have highlighted just how important they are.

One needed help with a potential national TV crisis story that may or may not happen and wanted to put together a plan should something hit the fan! Not my bag but I know a man who can. The client got their plan which we will manage in tandem under one roof. Another needed a good website health check in terms of SEO before we got going on PR and ongoing promotion. Again, we got a special, experienced “friend” agency in and off we go with a great programme.

We have been in the business long enough to know really good people around us and, for the benefit of us all, we will be focussing solely on our strengths. Our overarching proficiency in managing a team is where we will excel; we don’t say we can do it all. But we do say – we are here and will try to help!