Digital v print content? Is it actually a thing?

Picture of Alison Relf

Alison Relf

Managing Director, Taylor Alden

We do all know that online everything became huge during lockdown – yes, it was huge beforehand but we still popped out for coffee, bounced up and down on mattresses if we needed one, tried on a pair of shoes if we wanted some. For some reason, the thought of buying mattresses and shoes online doesn’t feel right hence my examples!

And the world of publishing also zipped onwards into the digital world at rapid speed; even those titles that are dream coffee table ones had to “go digital” as we were a) not getting to the shops and b) some printing companies had to shut their doors too.

Now that we are “open” to varying degrees, print has accelerated again; indeed, some didn’t flinch at all anyway.

What has become apparent to me recently is that most titles are now offering an online copy as well as a print copy – and both are soaring in popularity. The building, home and architectural titles which we deal with are thriving and reporting larger subscriptions. So – when someone asks if we do print or digital PR and content, I don’t actually think it is a valid question now. The media continues to need good, professional copy and we will continue to supply it.

Of course, once we are outside the actual publication pages, then there is a whole world of digital content rules and opportunities. We are embracing these too!!!