The power of planning

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Lauren Murphy

Account Director, Taylor Alden

“Research conducted by the furniture retailer Lifestyle Furniture has found that in the UK some people start preparing for their Christmas Day meal as early as August! The research found that an average of 487 searches are made every August for ‘Christmas Dinner Ideas’. This search volume then rises to 1,700 in September and 4,400 in October.”

In the PR and media world, we are used to planning way ahead of time. It’s the 25th November, I haven’t bought a single Christmas present, haven’t planned any outfits for annual festive gatherings or even booked a restaurant for my birthday dinner this weekend. But what I have done is written about outdoor kitchens for the May issues!

Rated People has found that we have been investing in our outdoor kitchen spaces. Year on year, job requests for outdoor kitchens have risen by a third (32%) and when compared with 2019, demand is up by a huge 82%*.

Every year, we set out a features programme for our clients ensuring we target the relevant issues and that none of our clients misses out. Planning advertising, creating content, organising events – these all need to be tied into one organised programme.

There are dedicated months for certain items but that doesn’t mean that some titles might decide to do it differently one year. For example, showers tend to be written about in the April issues so we write about them in October. But, you can’t be complacent and expect what you’ve always known.

In the PR world, we are always six months older! So forgive us if the barbeque is coming out again now!

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