Save water with Thomas Crapper’s original valveless waste preventer cistern

Picture of Lauren Murphy

Lauren Murphy

Account Director, Taylor Alden

The history of the Thomas Crapper man and brand is well known in the bathroom world having begun life in the 1860’s.  Then and now, every product is made with quality, craftmanship, innovation and intelligence at the very core.

Today, even after considerable advances in technology over the past century and more, the way the original Thomas Crapper valveless waste preventer operates means it is still the best way of saving water in the WC. Quite simply, no valve means no undetected leaks. 

Water is obviously wasted when a valve leaks, especially as the user does not always realise it is happening.  Thomas Crapper’s use of the syphon system eliminates this issue and, as such, is specified due to today’s heightened environmental standards in the residential and commercial building industry.

Alongside technology, beauty in the bathroom is fundamental with Thomas Crapper. The customer can choose either a RAL or bespoke colour, and personalised text on the cistern for a fun, coordinated design-led bathroom or cloakroom.

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