New client – Thomas Crapper!

We have some exciting news to kick off 2022. We have been appointed as the PR agency for Thomas Crapper ( “Thomas Crapper, who established the company in 1861, devoted his life to contemporary design and innovation that improved the lives of others. This dedication to quality and craft created a legacy of products that […]

Be direct – always the best way!

Working in the communications world – which we all do I guess! – our job is to keep on top of the huge variety of ways in which we TALK. When looking at our clients, suppliers, friends, we are seeing so many different preferences – not everyone uses everything!  The key is getting the mix […]

Supporting Trees for Cities this Christmas

This year, we want to rejoice in our beautiful planet with our Christmas greetings so we made a donation to Trees For Cities instead of sending you a Christmas card. The money donated will be used to plant trees in urban areas – from school playgrounds to new woodlands; and everything in between. Not only […]

How can case study photos help increase your business? Guest blog!

Guest blog by Pennie Withers ( You’re the best Interior Designer in the area, right? Or you’re the most experienced builder/property developer in the Thames Valley? But why should anyone believe you? How do you prove to them that you create beautiful spaces from tired, old homes. Or that you can totally change the layout of old-fashioned […]

Award winning – Best KBB Agency!

Have you heard the exciting news? Taylor Alden has won Best KBB Agency at the BKU awards!! As PR specialists in the KBB world, we are absolutely thrilled to be recognised by industry peers. Each member of the Taylor Alden team has been with the company for many years and we are truly passionate about […]

The heat is on for marketing in this ever-changing industry

The world of marketing today is a fast one full of opportunities to talk. Perhaps now more than ever, the heating industry is one that has almost limitless topics to promote, talk about and debate – not least because the messages are somewhat diverse and complex, while the technologies are multitudinous; and the Green message […]

Don’t shy away from your past!

I recently had a conversation reminiscing about sweets we had “when we were young”. It was a conversation littered with “do you remember…?” and “whatever happened to…?”  Some have, probably for good reason, become memories of a bygone age.  The one thing that I realised though was that, while particular childhood favourites might have been retired, […]

Event marketing – the smart way!


No harm in showing off when you are at the top of your game is there? In the nicest possible way of course! Just look at all the Olympians – fantastic stuff! Now that face-to-face events and exhibitions are open again, companies are looking at ways to go for gold in front of customers and […]