How to select the perfect marketing match for you

Life is all about making choices – if we are lucky – and we make many each day even if we don’t realise it! It got me thinking that some are quick and subconscious. I am not sure why I picked coffee and not tea at ten today. Why did I buy the blue dungarees […]

One size definitely does not fit all!

I’m sure it’s not escaped anyone’s notice that the world is a rapidly changing place.  Looking forward to a week off at the end of August, I’d normally be packing summer dresses and sandals but, looking out of the window this morning, I’m considering boots and a warm coat!  And it’s not just the weather […]

Award-winning team!

We are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded “Most Innovative PR and Marketing Agency – London” in the Construction & Engineering Awards 2021. Some of you may already know that Taylor Alden was first established as a pure building and construction B2B agency. We pride ourselves on being experts in the field and […]

Early bird or night owl?

Chronotype is the natural inclination of your body to sleep at a certain time, or what most people understand as being an early bird versus a night owl.  – I don’t know about you but I’ve just recently discovered the term chronotype and what it means. Finding the time of day that you’re most […]

If you are on show again, let people know!

No harm in showing off when you are at the top of your game is there? In the nicest possible way of course! Just look at all the Olympians – fantastic stuff! Now that face-to-face events are open again, companies are looking at ways to go for gold in front of customers and contacts.  I […]

We PR ourselves too!

As a creative and experienced team, we give 100% to all of our client work, taking the time to perfect marketing campaigns from the initial thought process and brainstorming right through to the final results. Recently, we haven’t been too shy about our own PR either! We love to showcase our abilities as a brand […]

Taylor Alden Summer Giveaway!

We are already halfway through 2021 – can you believe it!? July is supposed to be sunshine, high temperatures and beer gardens but, unfortunately, this July has brought heavy rain and thunder to the UK! While you’re swapping your sunglasses for brollies, the Taylor Alden team is bringing you some brightness back into a regular […]

Digital v print content? Is it actually a thing?

We do all know that online everything became huge during lockdown – yes, it was huge beforehand but we still popped out for coffee, bounced up and down on mattresses if we needed one, tried on a pair of shoes if we wanted some. For some reason, the thought of buying mattresses and shoes online […]

Steel Window Association launches associate member option for industry suppliers

Our client, Steel Window Association – – has recently launched a three-tier system for the industry’s manufacturing membership and, as a further refinement to the new structure, an “associate member” package has been developed. Designed for suppliers to the steel window and door industry in the UK, an associate membership, which costs £1200 pa, […]