Norbord, providing the silver lining for builders when the weather is behaving badly

Picture of Taylor Alden

Taylor Alden

Written by Ella Pitt

The U.K has been hit with a barrage of bad weather lately, from storm Dennis to storm Jorge, snowfall and flooding, it can all feel a bit relentless!

Now that we are into March the promise of sunnier skies seems a little more realistic but we are all well acquainted with cold snaps and rainfall lasting far longer than the winter months.

For those of us with decent transport links and an office job a rainy day here and there is nothing to be up in arms about. What about when you work outside? For builders rainfall can pose significant concern both from a safety perspective and a practical standpoint.

Luckily there are ways to combat this and Norbord, leading manufacturer of engineered wood panel products, has developed products with this in mind.

David Connacher, explored this subject on the TradesTalk podcast which has been designed to tackle topical questions with tradespeople in mind. Listen to David explain exactly how Norbord are leading the way when it comes to helping builders work through the elements!