First day of work at 15!

Picture of Taylor Alden

Taylor Alden

Written by Jodie Bennett

Work experience. Two short words with a big meaning. It is defined as ‘time spent gaining experience from a workplace or employment for future use’. Yet, ‘future use’ is limited in any occupation; the skills required in 10 years time will massively vary to the trades in this day and age. Therefore, in order to adapt to this growing worry, many companies acquire digital characteristics. The global advancement in digitalisation causes very little physical trace consistently causing a ‘domino effect’ on industries and the economy. Ultimately, changing the world…for better or for worse? The question we all need to ask.

At 15 years old, the environment I am surrounded by is full to the brim of tablets, phones, laptops and, with me, stands a generation of modern-thinking, graphic-advanced, technology ‘whizz kids’. These are the children of the future. The children, who like me, have spent this week experiencing a ‘taste of the real world’; yet, we will sadly need a completely different recipe by the time we are ready to work for real.

Taylor Alden works with a range of companies; companies that branch out into extremely contrasting outlets yet, amidst a war of survival, all are experiencing similar issues. The need for offices and meetings is merely existent. Working from home appeals to many younger employees and personal relations with clientele are limited. I have spent a short period of time meeting with TA clients and establishing a relationship, thoughts and achieving far more than within a series of emails. Frankly, the idea of complete digital domination feels surreal.

Shadowing Alison Relf gave me an insight into the future I wish to create for myself and others. Finding a balance between physically communicating and modern connections is the way forward. ‘The best way to predict the future is to create it’-Abraham Lincoln. These words sum up the one concept that won’t change now, in ten years, or ever. For literacy will always be around. Words bring to life the messages from brands and products that demand to be heard. From brexit to wars and from the corona virus to media scares, words will survive it all… Marketing is there to tell a story.



Photo by Tim Gouw