Who do you believe in a crisis?

Picture of Alison Relf

Alison Relf

Managing Director, Taylor Alden

News – who do you believe in a crisis?

THE Coronavirus is dominating the media at the moment and we all seem to talk about it in meetings, pubs, homes (if we are staying in!) – anywhere!  We no longer use the dreadful weather as the introductory safe topic. None of us is sure how it will all pan out and we all hope against hope that it is as quick to go as it was to arrive.

Pondering the coverage and my discussions on the virus, I was struck by a thought. I am not sure who to believe and how I feel.

I tend to go straight to comments/forums on subjects on the topic that I want to find out more about – after I have read the actual article. It could be anything from housebuilding, the environment, TV reviews, book reviews, equine care! Why?  I think it may be that I want a rounded discussion and I want to hear EVERYTHING.

I listen to a “talk” radio station every morning and seem to, more often than not, listen to two very different sides of a story – and then struggle sometimes on which side I end up on!

Does this make me wishy washy or simply a sponge?

With this current topic, millions and millions of words and broadcast minutes have been used and we cannot possibly devour all.

So where do you get your news and who do you believe? Comment!

Photo by Markus Spiske