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Lauren Murphy

Account Director, Taylor Alden

We are so proud to be working with clients who have sustainability at the forefront of their minds. The Taylor Alden team has worked with Keller Kitchens over the past five years to promote the carbon neutral messaging – amongst other exciting activities. Did you know, Keller is one of the first kitchen manufacturers to become carbon neutral? Even better….the Dutch company is now on its way to becoming carbon negative! Keep reading to find out more information.

In 2021, a partnership was born with ZLTO, Keller Kitchens’ parent company, DKG, and two farmers to start the Carbon Farming-project to sequester carbon into their soil.

The collaboration was established over a five year period in which the farmers apply Carbon Farming techniques that are scientifically backed with data. The techniques used are equivalent to at least 15 tons of stored CO2 per farmer per year.

Keller/DKG are delighted to announce the initiative is working extremely well and the CO2 is binding into the soil better than expected. In addition, there are further benefits which include – biodiversity, which is increasing, and agriculture is also proving to be more resilient to climate extremes. Averages over the next four years are expected to reach CO2 sequestration to a level of 292.4 tCO2/ha. This will allow nature to do the rest.

Keller is well known for offering the widest range of colours (2,050 NCS) and finishes in the kitchen furniture market – along with a vast range of cabinet options, all produced by the most sustainable means possible. The company is proud to be a Carbon Neutral kitchen manufacturer since 2017 and is now on the way to becoming Carbon Negative.

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