Don’t shy away from your past!

I recently had a conversation reminiscing about sweets we had “when we were young”. It was a conversation littered with “do you remember…?” and “whatever happened to…?”  Some have, probably for good reason, become memories of a bygone age.  The one thing that I realised though was that, while particular childhood favourites might have been retired, […]

One size definitely does not fit all!

I’m sure it’s not escaped anyone’s notice that the world is a rapidly changing place.  Looking forward to a week off at the end of August, I’d normally be packing summer dresses and sandals but, looking out of the window this morning, I’m considering boots and a warm coat!  And it’s not just the weather […]

Dipping your toe in the water doesn’t have to be scary!

Launching a new company, product, campaign, or service offering can be daunting no matter how confident you are in your brand.  Companies who thrive in today’s fast-paced world are ones that constantly test their thinking and communicate with their existing and potential customers. At Taylor Alden, we love to see new companies starting their journey […]

We are all only human after all

As I sit here at my laptop in my “spare” room, my usual peace and quiet is invaded by angle-grinders, cement mixers and electric saws being used by the contractors building a new entrance gate for one of my neighbours.  I retreat downstairs to the kitchen table.  The back door to the garden is open, […]

The new normal

The current worldwide pandemic has brought with it its own set of buzzwords.  We are living in “unprecedented times” and to move on we need to find a “new normal”.  The challenges we face on a daily basis, although differing widely in terms of risk, are very real for all of us whether putting personal […]