Taylor Alden talking shop with Haddonstone’s European distributors

Margaret Gott

Margaret Gott

We are often asked to present at AGMs, sales meetings and conferences so that the entire client team knows what the marketing team is up to! When Haddonstone asked us to host a PR/content workshop, we didn’t hesitate and knew it would be informative and fun for us all – a devilish combination!

Alongside other marketing workshops, which were hosted by our co-agencies, we spent valuable time with the audience of European garden, design and landscaping experts who simply wanted to know how we do it here!!

The two-way interactive session was useful and so much more constructive than a direct (dare I say dull!) presentation. As the marketing world becomes ever more interactive, communicative and sociable, the European company owners wanted to know how and where to target their customers bases with design-led, high quality words, images and videos.

And even though we have multiple digital, remote channels to employ when wishing to “talk” to people, there really is nothing better than sitting in a room together. After all, you learn something new every day!

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