You never stop learning

Picture of Alison Relf

Alison Relf

Managing Director, Taylor Alden

I keep reading about what people have “learnt” (or “learned!”; there’s an example already! If you don’t know – look it up! One lesson!) during enforced time at home. That is, if they are lucky enough to be safe at home and not on the front line. Or not! Another example of what I have learnt; some people are happy with the new routine: some cannot wait to get back to “the office.”

I decided to work on my list of lessons learnt –

  • I loved school and university decades ago – so a bit of an academic sponge.  Life has taught me that these lessons were just a miniscule part of what life actually teaches you.  Lockdown has reinforced these little lessons! Family and friends need you; just a hello is fine; look after you ditto look after them.  Fill time; read; keep your mind busy – nothing new.
  • Thank goodness people were born to be nurses and doctors……and all the other jobs which we simply didn’t consider so much before. We needed them but we didn’t realise how much!
  • I am an introvert – or an extrovert introvert…………just love the peace and still of life. At the same time, I miss my colleagues’ banter – and my family’s!  But I do not miss a full bonkers diary……….see what I mean?
  • I love routine; so have kept that going! 7am walk dog, 9am at desk, two boiled eggs at 1pm and then stop work at 5pm – for another sneaky walk.  Don’t tell. You get SO much done without the M25 getting involved!
  • Not the same as a hug but Zoom is fab for your besties, family and clients. Not that I hug clients of course! The Zoom obsession is waning a bit now; and LinkedIn is full of people saying – please can we go back to phone calls pleeeeeeeeeeease?!  I agree!  Let’s chat when we meet. Lesson learnt – I prefer phone and face-to-face conversations.
  • Stop and think! If you don’t know something, find out!
  • Rather than thinking about tonight’s dinner the minute I wake up, think how can I use this commuting time? Done Netflix, completed the book club book (Zoom tonight!) and cannot face another chocolate……………..I have signed up to an online course on Psychology to try and understand all this.
  • How to cook something from everything in the fridge and freezer!  And try not to write too many lists of what is missing! Didn’t need it!  Have decided I like lemon gin though! And realised I still can’t bake a raisin!
  • How to use time to think – not overthink – just ponder.
  • New names of plants and birds – had no clue. Online orders have helped with the plant thing while I am not sure I have really looked at the birds for so many hours before – even though I have invested in feeders, food and baths!  Hence they visit…….and I guess!!!!
  • Learnt that I love my job – helping clients through this mill has resulted in bonding; and “we’re all in this together” thinking!

Have I missed any of yours?

Photo by Martin Adams