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Lauren Murphy

Account Director, Taylor Alden

“Taylor Alden specialises in copywriting and content, brand-storytelling, and media relations” is one of the opening sentences of our website. You may think we’re referring to just companies which have products and services to promote, but think again!

Taylor Alden has years of experience working closely with associations, increasing the awareness of members’ operations and combined industry objectives through tailored PR and marketing programmes. As well as individual PR-specific meetings, we sit in on quarterly sales development meetings to develop our media content plan as well as hearing about the latest industry updates that could contribute to the marketing plan. Topics members think are not “PR-worthy”, turn out to be the opposite. We also attend and present at AGMs every year. Speaking to members of associations regularly is invaluable to us as each company will have a different opinion and offer different material.

Away from the media content, we also plan media trips, such as a factory visit to a Steel Window Association member. We invited ten key journalists in the glass, glazing and architecture industry to tour a steel window factory, see how windows and doors are made (step-by-step) and have the opportunity to ask questions to a leading expert in the field. The journalists were happy as they went away and wrote fantastic articles on the visit, and the client was happy – win win!

We also use our copywriting skills to help associations develop website content, fact sheets, specifier guides – you name it, if they need words – we can help!

We have worked with the Steel Window Association for 20 years. In 2022, our media content reached almost 10 million people and achieved an editorial value of £1,030,254.

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