The importance of supporting our industry friends

Picture of Lauren Murphy

Lauren Murphy

Account Director, Taylor Alden

As a small (but mighty!) business, we really stand by the importance of supporting other businesses – start-ups, small or large. Whether it’s promoting a recent launch, sharing a new service or just generally giving a great testimonial to someone who deserves it – it makes a difference.

A recent example was the launch of Sarah Townsend’s book “The Little Book of Confusables”. We showed our support by, of course, purchasing the book, each writing individual Amazon reviews and also promoting the launch on our company’s social media channels. We are copywriters so the book is invaluable to us – and could be to many others. Those actions combined did not take us a lot of time or energy but could result in someone across one of our news feeds, who has never heard of Sarah, stumbling across the book; leading to a potential sale or, at the very least, spreading brand awareness!

You can buy Sarah’s book here.

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