Don’t shy away from your past!

Picture of Margaret Gott

Margaret Gott

I recently had a conversation reminiscing about sweets we had “when we were young”. It was a conversation littered with “do you remember…?” and “whatever happened to…?”  Some have, probably for good reason, become memories of a bygone age.  The one thing that I realised though was that, while particular childhood favourites might have been retired, or even renamed, the companies that made them are still going strong.  These are the companies that have responded to the changing tastes of their customers, eliciting warm memories of the past while still very much being a part of our present.

Look around and we see brands in our everyday lives that we have grown up with; products that our parents and grandparents were familiar with that, far from being considered “old-fashioned”, are still an integral part of the here and now.

So, how did these companies stand the test of time?  The answer is simple: good brand storytelling!

At Taylor Alden, we are proud to have been, and remaining, part of some of our clients’ journeys.  Sitting in meetings of the Steel Window Association (SWA), we listen to long-established member companies recalling their experiences of working in a different era, family companies where generations are replacing founder members but still referring to their achievements, and even still consulting with them on technical details, and moving on to discuss the creation of a new website to showcase renovation projects alongside stunning new state-of-the-art installations.  The SWA is truly a great example of an association of companies built on traditional values, producing a heritage product – first seen in the 1890’s! – that couldn’t be more in vogue in contemporary settings! 

A good brand is one that has the confidence to be proud of its heritage while keeping up with the needs of today’s discerning customer; one not afraid to draw on its past while adapting to a fast-paced, ever changing world.  Good brand storytelling can prevent your company from feeling stuck in the past.  Don’t be afraid of your brand’s past.  Celebrate that your brand has stood the test of time, weathered a few storms and continues to evolve!