One size definitely does not fit all!

Picture of Margaret Gott

Margaret Gott

I’m sure it’s not escaped anyone’s notice that the world is a rapidly changing place.  Looking forward to a week off at the end of August, I’d normally be packing summer dresses and sandals but, looking out of the window this morning, I’m considering boots and a warm coat!  And it’s not just the weather causing us to rethink what we’re doing.  Many of us have been forced to change the way we communicate with our family and friends, to appreciate what we have and, in some cases, to reprioritise the things we used to think important. 

For some, recent events have presented the chance to take stock and change our homes, jobs, relationships and an almost endless list of other things.  Inevitably, this has spilled over to our businesses too.  I’ve heard and read so many times in the past few weeks social media commentary expressing the desire to be more selective about who we choose to do business with, wishing to engage with those companies that match up to our own standards and ideals.

I’m glad to report that we at Taylor Alden have not been faced with such a dilemma!! 

While we have a wide-ranging group of clients and offer them distinctively different services according to their specific needs, our clients all have stories of businesses committed to their staff and the environment.   From our long-standing client, West Fraser (formerly Norbord) whose wood-based panels are net carbon negative, to our newest client, Deer Technology, which has invented the LimpetReader which can be attached to existing water and electricity meters to provide a meter reading solution which is accessed securely online and can be used to identify water leaks, and the Steel Window Association whose members manufacture sustainable windows and doors from the most recycled material by weight on the planet to Labcell with their range of scientific instrumentation for the agriculture and pharmaceutical markets, all our clients offer something that benefits the world around us. 

As a PR agency, we know that just as the planet cannot be “fixed” in one easy step, we cannot apply a “one size fits all” approach to the service we offer our clients.  But, while our service delivery options may have changed, our clients can still be assured that we, like them, work from a firm foundation of good customer service, strong communication and a commitment to meaningful business relationships.