Long-standing team; long-standing results

Picture of Lauren Murphy

Lauren Murphy

Account Director, Taylor Alden

When looking for a PR agency, you want to choose one that feels right for your brand but you should also feel like you can rely on and trust the team you are taking on board. As the PR and marketing industry is so large, it’s not uncommon for individuals to have change jobs multiple times in a 5-10 year period. Whether it’s for experience, location or growth, sometimes people choose to move on.

However, at Taylor Alden we have a tight-knit team which has worked together for almost a decade! We believe that having team members who are so passionate about their clients and what they do ensures we are driven to achieve the best results possible. During this time we have been able to build really strong relationships with the media – not just a list of names we send media releases to – they know us and our clients and know we’re here to help them meet their tight deadlines.

I have just hit my seven-year anniversary with TA and I feel more driven then ever! Some members of the team have changed over the years, but the core has always stayed the same. Working with Alison and Margaret so closely over the years means that we know exactly how each other work (maybe too well sometimes!) and are constantly bouncing new ideas around as our priority is the same – achieving the best possible for TA clients. Even if they’re not your own!

One of the many reasons why we work so well together and why we’ve all chosen to stay with TA for this long is that we feel valued by our colleagues and our clients and respect each other’s opinions – that has always remained! 

Michele worked for Taylor Alden for 11 years and after taking time away to raise her children, she missed us so much she had to come back! Michele is once again a core member of the TA team.

If you’d like an agency that is already eager to work their socks off for you, get in touch. You can email either Alison (alison@tayloralden.co.uk), Lauren (lauren@tayloralden.co.uk) or Margaret (Margaret@tayloralden.co.uk) – we’re all one team!