BLANCO UNIT – Drink, prep, clean – all you need, in one place

Picture of Lauren Murphy

Lauren Murphy

Account Director, Taylor Alden

BLANCO UNIT – combines sinks, taps, in-cabinet waste and organisation systems and creates innovative and flexible solutions for modern kitchen life.

Everything you need to work quickly and cleanly in the kitchen is all in one place with the new BLANCO UNIT a space-saving, timesaving, creative hub in the heart of your home.

Sinks, taps and bins are the most frequently used items in our kitchens; so the BLANCO UNIT combines these premium kitchen products in flexible packs that let you choose a mix to suit your style and lifestyle.

Water is key in the kitchen; from drink and food preparation to washing, hygiene and cleaning. The BLANCO UNIT offers you the choice of feature-packed smart taps, ultra-safe true-boiling water taps, and stunning semi-professional or classic mixer taps in a variety of finishes. You can select a sink or bowl from a huge range of designs, styles, materials, colours and installation options and then add ingenious accessories so that everything above your work surface becomes a multifunctional sink area that works beautifully, is easier to use and keep clean, and simply looks great.

What about under your sink? By adding in-cabinet storage, organisational products, waste management systems and food waste disposal units, you declutter and make intelligent use of a space that can otherwise be a bit lost.

There are hundreds of benefits in having a seamless kitchen hub from BLANCO; from making kitchen tasks easier to saving you time, reducing energy consumption and helping you live ecologically for the benefit of the environment.

A simple scenario that could benefit us all is the added efficiencies in food preparation. Chop up vegetables on a food board that sits securely over your bowl or on the drainer, having just rinsed them with your pull-out tap spray and drained them in the colander that fits the sink perfectly. Then pop them in the pan you have ready and waiting, full of water, in the bowl and throw the offcuts into your in-cabinet food caddy. Place the packaging in the recycle bin next to the caddy and grab a cloth from the storage shelf to wipe down the surfaces while you have the cabinet open. Finished? All that prep, mess, water and waste has been contained and controlled in the BLANCO UNIT.

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