Keep talking and stay connected to your customers

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Taylor Alden

-Guest blog by Suzanne Malhotra (

A virtual event might be entirely different from a physical exhibition, but we can still create a space that is a two-way engagement. Whilst we wait for the world of face to face to come back to life, keep talking with your customers with 4DConnects.

As someone wisely advised me last week, you need to stay visible.

So here we are, sharing with you a new way of communicating. It’s not rocket science, it’s not new technology, it’s just the right time to try something new.

We’ve considered creating this type of space for many years but were always concerned that digital might replace physical face to face. I think we all now know that that is not the case, both can go hand in hand.

The important thing to remember is that this is another communication tool that will allow you to stay current, relevant and more importantly mindful of how best to engage with your sales pipeline and customers.

We love what we do, so rather than just sit around and wait to what happens with trade shows and when we thought we would offer our clients another option that will very much compliment their exhibition stand.

Let’s do this, lets try something new.

We can turn this around quickly and you can get real-time analytics and data that will demonstrate to you it was worth the investment.

For more information, please do contact me. I would be delighted to show you a demo.