Good will conquer

Picture of Alison Relf

Alison Relf

Managing Director, Taylor Alden

Now at last the world seems to be moving forward again; yet I am noticing two distinct camps in both business and home life.

There is the cautious, rule-follower but no one seems to really know the rules now! And there is the “saddle up, get-on-with-it and gallop” brigade.

Both, as in all “debates”, have pros and cons. The key, in our job in communications, and in my friends’ and family circles, is to tread carefully while looking at and respecting all views. It is such a contentious subject – post trauma – that views are strong and varied and people’s experiences are different and personal, so middle ground is probably what is needed.

The world of marketing and PR too has exhibited two different approaches. Keep quiet and wait until things get back to “normal”.  I believe this is because it would seem mercenary to continue to “plug” stuff. In turn, we have not “plugged” our services.

Yet – we have been busy explaining and expressing the “human” side of our brands; the charitable, resourceful, sympathetic values behind our clients.

And you know? They will be the ones who can soon start galloping again – they have to be profitable and successful after all – with a new vitality and security having supported their customers and operated with an empathetic, “we are all in this together” stance.

Reflecting – it’s been a torrid time but good will conquer.

Now – I better think about galloping again!

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