Dipping your toe in the water doesn’t have to be scary!

Picture of Margaret Gott

Margaret Gott

Launching a new company, product, campaign, or service offering can be daunting no matter how confident you are in your brand.  Companies who thrive in today’s fast-paced world are ones that constantly test their thinking and communicate with their existing and potential customers.

At Taylor Alden, we love to see new companies starting their journey and were pleased to join an exciting South Wales based start-up on their quest to launch a product that has the potential to save companies and property owners substantial amounts of money on their utilities.  Having invented the The LimpetReader™, Deer Technology asked us to help them explore potential customer bases.  The results so far have driven a large number of new visitors to their website to find out more!

Craig Mellor, Director of Deer Technology, says “We always saw the need for good marketing support to promote our company but, before committing to this, we wanted to make sure we were aiming at the right audience and save ourselves from any costly mistakes.  Time and money are incredibly valuable resources when launching a new product and supporting services so to have Taylor Alden reach out to our potential customers and gauge their interest has been a valuable step.  The results have been encouraging and we look forward to rolling out our unique automated reading solution to our growing customer base”.

So, get in touch with Taylor Alden if you want to:

Identify who your potential customers are

Find out how your customers want to communicate with you

Give you information to plan future staffing levels

Gain customer thoughts on future product development

Survey current customers to find out what they think of your offering

Drive visitors to your website

Put your products or services in front of the right people