The marketing potential of newness

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Taylor Alden

Written by Ella Pitt

Standing at the start of a brand new year, the mind naturally wanders to the concept of newness. With what started as thoughts of the end of 2019 and setting intentions for 2020, I found myself questioning why we respond so well to this concept of newness. New years, new looks, new starts, there are positive associations for them all. The potential for reinvention and transformation is so often accompanied with a pang of excitement and I believe this absolutely has significant ramifications for marketing.

New Year’s resolution type behaviour was observed amongst Babylonians, Romans and medieval knights but still now we are drawn by the appeal of making positive changes in our lives. I think this human dependence on chronological narratives is partly trivial, as we all know somewhere deep down, changes can be made at any time of year. Nonetheless, it also pays to make note of human behaviour, particularly in the marketing world. With so many ready to take up new hobbies and quit old habits every January it seems prudent to consider how this may extend to an open mindedness for brands’ efforts to do the same.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to see 2020 start with engaging rebranding efforts, new business models and different ways of looking at business and consumer relations? Here at Taylor Alden, we will be taking heed of this sentiment and engaging in our own rebranding push and focusing more on ways to improve business for the next year.

Some additional things I’d be excited to see amongst businesses are new approaches towards, and innovation within, waste reduction and sustainability. Business was never meant to be static and the idea of a final solution is merely mythological. Marketing is constantly evolving in response to the fluidity of our lives and it will certainly be interesting to observe the changes brought along by the start of the New Year.

Ella is an English Literature graduate who takes an obsessively curious approach to the world. Working with words is the biggest contributor to Ella’s sense of self, whether that’s here at Taylor Alden or within external creative writing projects.

Photo by Suzanne D Williams