Packing tips for limited space!

Picture of Lauren Murphy

Lauren Murphy

Account Director, Taylor Alden

With the recent airport chaos, I don’t think I’m alone with opting out of checking in a bag for my upcoming holiday – and business trips. Who needs an added delay once you land in your sunny (or chilly) destination – presuming your flight actually left the UK and on time?

For someone who travels quite a bit, I’ve been choosing to travel with only a 10kg bag for years (pre-covid and the recent airport dramas). I just find it’s easier and quicker getting in and out of the airport….and I hate the thought of my bag getting lost. I’ve listed some of my top tips below.

Top tips:

  1. Firstly, invest in a good suitcase that fits the requirements to carry it on. I have a Tripp case and it hasn’t let me down yet.
  2. Just roll with it – no really, roll your clothes into tight “cylinder” type shapes. This will save you so much space and allow you to bring more items.
  3. Utilise the items you are packing – pack your underwear and socks into any shoes you’re bringing. This will ensure they are not squashed and provides you with extra space.
  4. Wear your heaviest or larger items to travel in. Don’t waste space by packing a hat, jumper, or those heavy trainers you’re bringing – just wear them!
  5. Packing cubes – these are extremely handy if you have children or if you’re going to multiple locations with one suitcase. Divide up your clothes into location (or child) into individual cubes and this will provide you with a stress-free unpacking situation.
  6. Liquids – buy some empty cosmetic containers and simply add what you need individually into them – creams, serums, even make up products.  Keep the limited space you have in that little plastic bag for things like perfume that you can’t decant. Also, don’t forget to store this plastic bag in your handbag or rucksack, there is nothing worse than holding up a queue because you packed it in your case! (Remember: roll on deodorant and mascara doesn’t need to go into your plastic bag!).

One more thing, I recently saw that people are stuffing a pillow case with clothes items and bringing it on board as a pillow so they can bring more with them – but I don’t know if I’d chance that!

Have fun holidays if you are lucky enough to be jetting away!