Once upon a time …. in business

Picture of Taylor Alden

Taylor Alden

As National Storytelling Week (26th January – 2nd February) rolls around once more, we love that imaginative writing is our business.

That’s why we put our heads together to help our clients get the best from their story, through – yes, you’ve guessed it – storytelling.

There is always a narrative behind every business; your brand, your people, your customers, your goals – just start with a blank page and consider the beginning, the middle and the end – and start scribing.

Marketing today is about humans, real people, real stories and this is due to – and perfect for – the proliferation of communication channels. Social media loves real life while business and consumer publications – printed and online – are equally receptive.

As with all stories, it helps to have a clear outcome as to what happens in the end – even if your story is still progressing! How will your story help your brand get to the people you want to talk to?

After all, there’s a novel in each and every one of us!