How does brand storytelling work?

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Taylor Alden

Brand storytelling is exactly what it says on the tin; telling a story about your brand. Whether it’s how your brand has come to grow and be known in the world, or a new product your brand is launching, or even the extra-curricular goings-on of people who are part of your team – for example, a sales representative running the London marathon – share it with the world! Regardless of the story, if it is connected with your brand, then tell it.

You may use internal resources to do this or opt to use an external PR or copywriting agency. The benefits of using an agency is that they know what they’re doing. Just as you would pay an expert plumber to fix a tap, you will want to pay an expert writer to tell your brand’s story.

Once you’ve decided who is going to be your writer (internal or external/person or team), you can think about the content and where you want to share it. The best thing about modern day is that the world of communications has developed into many different media so you have a plethora of options in which to share your stuff. Whether that’s through your own contacts or the contacts of a PR agency, there are lots of ways to spread your brand’s story.

Then, people begin to see your brand and notice that it has a personality! Say you sell bathrooms, once you’ve told your brand’s story, people don’t just see that you sell bathrooms. They see that you have spent X amount of years building a company that sells bathrooms for a particular demographic. They see a brand that cares for its customers and how they can get the most from their bathroom, in terms of space and functionality. They see a company that looks after its employees and creates a good work atmosphere. This all benefits customers and potential future employees.

So, it all comes back to the basics of storytelling surrounding your brand. Taylor Alden is an expert at this and can offer the very best advice as well as a helping hand when it comes to brand storytelling. Get in touch with one of the team today on 0208 543 3866 to find out more about all of our services and how we can help tell your brand’s story.