Goodbye March, let’s say hello to the highlights!

Picture of Taylor Alden

Taylor Alden

Well, March; you were lovely! The weather has been great recently; we’ve had a birthday in the office (naturally we had to have a bit of cake), and most importantly, we’ve been doing lots with our clients so the month has flown by!

At the beginning of the month, we helped Granite & TREND Transformations launch their brand new website by producing a media release and sending it to our key media contacts which generated lots of coverage.

We have been in the process of organising press events for two of our clients, TeknosPro and Steel Window Association, both of which will be taking place down the line so we’re doing the groundwork now. The Save the Date invitations have been sent to the key media contacts for each client and we are continuing to produce content surrounding the events.

We entered tremco illbruck into the Tomorrow’s Contract Flooring awards and voting closed this month. We were delighted with the results to discover that tremco illbruck is a finalist with TF448 tape!

In the final week of March, we arranged a meeting with BLANCO and KBB Review for an exclusive interview between KBB Review’s Editor and BLANCO’s Managing Director and new Marketing Manager. The interview will appear in the May issue of KBB Review, so keep your eyes peeled!