As a small, perfectly formed team, we work flexibly and cost-efficiently while keeping a close eye on results and progress.

So far in 2024, our clients have shared:

Pieces of Media Coverage
People Reached
Value of Coverage
£ 0

Product launches

We excel in supporting and promoting our client’s product launches, just as we’ve done with a recent kitchen tap campaign. 124 pieces of coverage were achieved which led to 5,874,171 people seeing our content, with an editorial value of £929,391.

Sustainability promotion

We were tasked with promoting the sustainability message for a kitchen manufacturing client. Through a tailored media relations programme, we secured 85 pieces of coverage across print and digital platforms. Over 3 million people saw this message and the editorial value hit £466,479!

Media coverage success

For our long-standing building material manufacturing client, we operate a full media relations programme and secure great media coverage. In 2023, we secured 1,169 pieces of media coverage across print and digital platforms which was seen by 55,563,202 people and, with an editorial value of £7,095,348 this represented a return on investment” of £47 for each £1 spent.

See above for the 2024 figures, so far.

Media Events

To promote a client’s £95m investment in an expanded manufacturing facility we organised a two-day media conference. This resulted in 39 pieces of content with an editorial value of £168,825 and created the opportunity for 1.639.808 people to read about it! It also ensured that the journalists became more familiar with key client figures which resulted in offers of by-lined thought leadership pieces.

Exhibition Support

We provide pre and post exhibition support to our clients. We helped a young, entrepreneurial company promote their innovative water storage tanks to the farming communities of Wales. We received 25 pieces of coverage across online and print media with a reach of 942,393 people and a combined editorial value of £207,834, alongside a wide-reaching farming podcast and a recorded interview with Business News Wales.

We enjoy strong, happy relationships with both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer media.